Getting Organized

Sorry to disappoint you, but there’s not too much house stuff to update you on.  We still have no eaves, we still have massive piles of usable and unusable wood, and we still have primer-ready walls.  Work is progressing, but it’s a slow, careful process.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few ideas that I’d really like to explore in the new house.  For those of you who know me, you know I’m an organization junkie!  I’m a nerd, I know, but I get super excited when The Container Store has a sale.  Unfortunately I’ve always lived in apartments, so it was more of a cram-everything-we-have-into-any-space-available approach.  I’m now freakishly excited about all the space we are going to have to keep things organized!  Here are a few of the ideas I really like.

Linen closet storage…put the sheets in pillowcases to keep everything together.  Genius!


Bathroom storage…what a cute and efficient way to organize items for your guests!  I can’t wait to have guests to pamper! :)


Make-up storage…I’ve never had a drawer to keep my make-up in!  (Sad I know…shed a tear for me.)  I can’t wait to be able to just close the drawer and hide it all.


Wrapping storage…if there’s one thing I love more than organizing, it’s gift giving!  Sometimes I get carried away, but I love creating gift baskets and other things that I know people will love.  My ultimate goal is to have a gift wrap room (a girl can dream), but this would be a good solution until then never.


Pots and pans storage…I could totally geek out on this storage system.  Must have.


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There you have it.  My top 5 organization dreams.  To see more of what I like, check out my Organization board on Pinterest!  

Happy Hump Day!  (PS, this is probably my favorite commercial of all time…especially the very end.)


What a Difference a Year Makes

If our marriage was a baby, it would turn 1 today.  It’s really incredible to think how much has changed in just one year!!  Some changes were expected, some were VERY unexpected (like this house), but overall I think we came out on top in this first year.

We got married in Sanford, NC at my home church at 6 pm on July 28, 2012.  It was the best day of our lives!  [side note: 7/28/2012 would also have been Charles’ grandmother Mildred’s 100th birthday…that fact was mesmerizing to me at the time, but even more so now that we bought her house!]


We went on a fabulous honeymoon at Jalousie Plantation in St. Lucia.  We did a few things here and there (like zip-lining), but mainly we just laid on the beach and relaxed…finally!  Oh what I would give to be there again!!


After the honeymoon, we officially moved in together.  This was a first for us (after almost 6 years of dating), but we’ve had so much fun! And I’ve learned that Charles is quite the cook! In the fall, we continued to cheer on our Wolfpack like we do every year.


We even took a trip to New York City, and went to Coney Island for the first time.



We celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple (in classic silly Powers/Archer fashion).



Then, out of nowhere, we decided to buy this house.  You can read the full story about how it all came to be here.  My last day at my old job was a Wednesday, Charles finished exams on that Thursday, we closed on that Friday, moved on that Saturday, and I started my new job on Monday.  Whew!  Makes me tired just talking about it.


In May, I took a new job at The ECU Foundation in Greenville, and Charles graduated law school!


After graduation, Charles moved to campus to study for the bar all summer and I moved to Goldsboro to start my new job and our new old house.  I’d be lying if I said this summer hasn’t been a grueling one.  Living apart while all of this is going on has been tough, but we’ve definitely learned that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  But now I’m about fond enough!!

So what, you ask, are we doing for our anniversary?  Well Charles takes the NC bar exam on July 30-31 (this week!!), and he will be doing some last minute cramming/stressing, so we are postponing our celebration until next weekend.  He will be free of the bar and we plan to spend 3 days at the beach just relaxing…and eating wedding cake, drinking wedding wine, and watching our wedding video!


Happy Anniversary, baby!  I love you so very much!!

Up on the Roof

Just like many houses of the same period, our house has a “hidden gutter system.”  Or should I say, had?  First, let me explain a little more about this kind of gutter.


“Since they are not readily visible, they typically don’t alter the historic character of buildings and don’t detract from or conceal decorative cornice details. Unfortunately, being unseen often results in neglect. The simplest form of maintenance is keeping them clear of debris. This is necessary for any gutter system to perform its duty, but with built-ins, trapped, standing water can lead to a shorter life and very costly repairs.” (source)  Because the gutters were not cleaned and maintained in the many years before we purchased the house, most of the gutters and soffits were rotten.  It’s amazing to think what an easy fix it would have been had the previous owner simply had the gutters cleaned annually.  But, that’s just not our luck I guess.  So the “investigation” to see how much of the woodwork was salvageable began this week.  As of yesterday, here’s what the eaves look like.







As you can see, we basically learned that very little of the wood was usable.  So it all came down and was sorted into different piles.  Next, we will begin to replace and repair what’s now missing.





On the bright side, the interior is starting to get cleaned out (slowly but surely) so that we can start with the primer.  You can even see floor in a few rooms now!  (Oh Floor, how I’ve missed you!!)


Well, I’m off to the mountains to celebrate my mom’s birthday with the family.  Looking forward to relaxing and “tubing” down the river all day tomorrow!  Happy birthday to the best mom there is!! I love you!! 

1044605_672408606108236_956166599_n (1)


Since I started blogging myself, I’ve kind of become enamored with the whole idea.  I have a bunch of blogs that I follow regularly, and I’ve found that I’m constantly enlightened and inspired by these talented writers.  Last week, Erin from House of Earnest posted on the importance of being happy right now.  For some reason, it really spoke to me.  I’ve been struggling with patience on this house project.  I’m so excited and ready, and it’s hard to not get frustrated sometimes when progress slows down.  Her words were just what I needed to realize that being happy with this stage doesn’t make the future any less exciting.  It just means that I get to enjoy BOTH the now and the later!  Just some food for thought.  Have a splendid day!


Two-Month Roundup

Saturday marked the two-month anniversary of starting work on the house.  Half of me feels like it was just yesterday that we started…the other half feels like we’ve been doing this for years!!  Anyway, here’s the list of things we have checked off so far (keep in mind that these are broad items, and each number contains about a gazillion little things that we’ve done):


  1. Stabilized back porches with jacks and brackets
  2. Scraped entire exterior to remove remaining paint
  3. Repaired sump pump in basement to prevent more flooding
  4. Primed entire exterior, including all trim
  5. Rescreened 3 exterior screen doors
  6. Opened up 2 boarded fireplaces
  7. Repaired all interior plaster
  8. Installed motion lights outside (after this happened)
  9. Updated and activated alarm system
  10. Repaired and repainted existing shutters
  11. Updated plumbing in the laundry room for washer and dryer
  12. Removed shower from the upstairs hall bathroom
  13. Removed interior wall in upstairs back bathroom
  14. Closed in exterior door in upstairs back bathroom
  15. Removed shower tile covering window in downstairs bathroom
  16. Painted exterior of house (only the front is finished, so I’m counting it at about 20%)
  17. Removed 3 trees, cut back all bushes near the house, and removed dead/unwanted foliage
  18. Removed rotten eaves and soffits (this is only about 10% right now, but at least we’ve started!)


I’d say that’s a lot of progress, especially considering that it rained the entire month of June!!  But we still have a LOOOOOONNGG way to go.  Here’s a (very condensed) list of the major items we still hope to complete in “this round.”

  1. Scrape and prep interior walls, trim, and ceilings (starting this week!)
  2. Prime and paint interior walls, trim, and ceilings
  3. Remove all interior carpet
  4. Finish electrical, including adding several outlets and wiring each room for ceiling fans
  5. Repair all porches
  6. Patch and paint the metal roof
  7. Rework hidden metal gutter system and repair/replace exterior woodwork
  8. Install new heating and air system
  9. Repair mortar in the basement, and repoint front-of-house mortar
  10. Finish upstairs back bathroom (tile floor, plumbing for a shower, new sink)
  11. Update downstairs bathroom (paint cabinets, new mirror, new light fixture)
  12. Repair garage (it is currently sturdy, but leaning)
  13. More landscaping

Who wants to start making bets on our move-in date?!

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