Colors That Say Something

When it comes to color choices in your home, do you buy into the meaning behind the colors, or just pick the prettiest one you see?

I recently found this chart outlining the psychology of color choices for your home and thought I would share it with you.


Have you ever read your horoscope? Or even a fortune cookie? Our minds have a great way of taking words that would otherwise be completely random and somehow making them fit into our lives.  I’ve always wondered how almost 600,000,000 people that share the same astrological sign could all have the same horoscope and it magically applies to them.  I think the key word is vague.  Keep these readings vague, and the reader will easily find a way to apply it.

So really, I think you could spin these color meanings into just about anything you want.  Lately, I’ve been loving greens, especially “foliage greens!”  Does this mean I’m fertile, healthy, and balanced? Not completely.  But it does symbolize new beginnings, so that seems appropriate.

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We’ve also chosen a lot of pastels for the bedrooms in our house.  According to the chart, these colors give off calm and soothing feelings, which I think is fitting.

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As far as the office, I think we’ve hit the nail on the head!  We’ve chosen a navy, which could mean confident, professional, and thought-provoking.  So you should probably expect a lot of ingenious thoughts and inventions to come out of this room. (Ha!)


What’s your take on the psychology of color?  What colors are you drawn to?  Do your favorite colors represent your personality?


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