To Paint or Not To Paint?

What’s your take on painted closets?  Our master closet is ready for paint, and I just can’t decide if I want to leave it white (as in a blank slate) or do something a little more bold, like one of these.

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I’m still drawn to whites in the closet, but worry it might be a little boring.  But then I also worry about the light reflecting off painted walls and making clothes appear different than they actually are.  Is that just crazy talk?

abbbb0034aeab158e7d5fa3e45487362{via} built in{via} oprah{via}

We’ve decided to go with Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue in the master bedroom, which will look something like this:

shea mcgee{via} i-fNr9CGP{via}28683b036c5da1274139b3e0fd030cce{via}

So what do you think?  Paint the closets, or leave them white?  If I paint, what color?


3 thoughts on “To Paint or Not To Paint?

  1. Keep it white, it makes a difference on how you view your clothing. If you want to dress it up use interesting boxes to store items and I have framed shopping bags from my favorite purchases, to dress the area up. If you’ve got hardwood floors in there, throw down an off the wall rug that you love and to keep your feet warm when dressing in the morning :)

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