The Sunday Currently, #18

Happy Sunday friends!  The weather is finally looking up here, and I’m planning on spending some time outside today.  Here’s what I’m up to lately…


Reading– This list of things that older people say they regret doing, or not doing.  It’s a great reminder that life moves fast and we should all make time to do the things that make us happy.

Listening– To the washing machine.  Lots of laundry today!

Wishing– That contact paper was durable enough to use on kitchen counters.  How amazing are these faux marble countertops?!


Hoping– That this closet system works for us in our master closet.  We didn’t want anything that relied totally on the wall for support, so we ordered two of these free standing systems.  (And thanks to I Heart Organizing, we got $25 off!)


Loving– Our new kitchen hardware!!  More on that coming soon.


Wanting– All of you to go follow my new Facebook page!  There are a lot of exciting things happening for the blog in the near future, including a complete rebranding (a sneak peek of the new logo is on the Facebook page).

Feeling– Excited about my new shop on Hunter’s Alley!! I already have a few items listed, but you can expect many more in the next few weeks.

tobacco leaf

Clicking– These hilariously incorrect test answers.  I would make a horrible teacher, because I would totally encourage this type of behavior in my students!

You can find out what other bloggers are up to over at Lauren’s blog.  Have a super week! :)


One thought on “The Sunday Currently, #18

  1. Those test answers are hilarious. I would make a terrible teacher too; I would sit and laugh out loud correcting papers and find it almost impossible to stifle creativity like these kids have.

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