So We Bought a Fridge

That’s right! We’re the proud new owners of an Electrolux French door counter depth refrigerator.


Because of the placement of the fridge, we needed it to be counter depth, which limited our options greatly.  Most counter depth refrigerators run an average of about $1,000 more than their standard depth counterparts, meaning the ones we were looking at were usually in the $2,500 range.  That’s a no go for us!

After lots and lots of browsing, we found this one on sale (HALF PRICE!) at the Sears Outlet online.  It’s in great condition, with only a scratch on the side, which will be covered up by cabinetry.  For anyone looking for a bargain, I’d highly recommend giving the Sears Outlet a shot.  You can even make an offer instead of paying the full asking price, which saved us about another $50.  Just be sure to read the full description and condition details so you know what you’re getting!

spin_prod_718371901 spin_prod_718371701Delivery is scheduled for next Wednesday, February 12.  I can’t wait to meet our newest member of the house!!

And speaking of new members, our new washer and dryer are officially in the house!  They are being stored in the mud room while the laundry room is painted, but they should be making the move to their permanent home soon.  It’s all coming together!! :)



How to Paint an Iron Clawfoot Tub

It’s actually way easier than I thought!

tub diy

When we decided to install a “baby” clawfoot tub in the upstairs guest bathroom, we found an old, very dirty, rusty tub that fit the bill.  We discussed several colors, but ultimately decided to keep it simple and go with black.  We figured it’s easier to change out shower curtains and bath linens than to repaint a tub!




Step 1: Clean out the inside, then flip the tub over to paint.  We used the shop vac to vacuum out all the dirt and dust, then Comet to clean.

IMG_4683{My pretty mama hard at work.}

Step 2: Scrape all the paint, rust, etc. that you can off the outside of the tub.  We used a wall scraper and sanding blocks, but you could also use a pumice stone.



Fun fact- the tub was made in August 1924.


Step 3: After the tub feels as smooth and even as possible, paint on a coat of Rustoleum primer.  We went with brown since we were painting a dark color.




Step 4: Once the primer has dried completely, paint with Rustoleum in your color choice.  We went with interior/exterior gloss black.  Add more coats as necessary.



See, I told you it was easy!

Next up, the master bathroom tub.  We’re going with a high-gloss white for this one.


A big thanks to my mom and mom-in-law for all your help with this project! :)

Loads of Fun

If you follow me on Instagram, you know we went appliance shopping this weekend.  We were in search of a washer, dryer, and refrigerator, and we knew with the big Black Friday weekend sales going on, it was the perfect time to shop!

So we headed to Sears on Saturday and found a set of Kenmore front loaders for a steal.  We weren’t crazy that they were Kenmore (Sears’ “house brand”), but for that price we could compromise.  Since we weren’t 100% sold, we decided to sleep on it and go back on Sunday.  When we returned the next day, a brand new set of Samsung front loaders had been added.  They were basically the same as the Kenmore set, just slightly nicer.  So for $100 more, we sprang for the Samsung set!




I never thought I’d be so excited about a washer and dryer.  I guess we’re really grown ups now!

If you’re interested in the specs, you can find our washer here and our dryer here.

We decided to only look at front loaders so that we can build a countertop across the top of the machines.  Our laundry room is pretty cozy, so this will give us a lot more storage, room to fold, etc.  I’d love something that looks like this.




Click here for more laundry room inspiration!

The Craigslist Hunt

Sometimes I find myself trolling Craigslist just to be entertained.  You can find some pretty interesting posts out there.  My proudest Craigslist purchase was our authentic 1926 pedestal sink that I scored for $100 when we first got the house.  I was a little eager, since we hadn’t even closed, but that’s ok!

Yesterday, instead of looking at some of the bigger cities, like Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte, where I know I can usually find a few good pieces, I trolled over to Eastern NC.  That’s right.  Down east has it’s own Craigslist.

Anyway, here are a few items I found, along with ideas of what I think you could do with them.

1Brocade and cherry accent chairs – $150 for the pair


I think these chairs would look super chic painted white and reupholstered with a fun fabric, like animal print or stripes.  The price would be right if you could use them as is, but the print isn’t really for me.  And let me tell you–reupholstering is ‘spensive!

PicMonkey Collage{1,2}

2. King size brass bed– $350


If I had any money or any place to store this, I would take it!  The bed looks great on its own (you know how much I love brass!), but I think painting it could take it a step further.

PicMonkey Collage1{1,2}

3. Hoosier cupboard – $425


It’s overpriced, but I really like this for sentimental reasons…it brings back memories of an old red, white, and blue one we had growing up.  All this guy needs is a good coat of paint and maybe some new hardware!

PicMonkey Collage2{1,2}

4. Brass & enamel mid-century lamps – $95 for the pair


I admit, these are some ugly lamps.  But they aren’t a total lost cause!  You could easily turn these around with some paint and new shades.  (Mary has a good tutorial for sprucing up boring lamps here.)  You could even to all funky with some teal and red if you wanted to!  But at $95, I think they’re too expensive for the work you’d have to put in them.

PicMonkey Collage3{1,2}

5.  Antique sofa – $125


This sofa has good bones, but needs to be reupholstered.  Luckily, the reupholstering wouldn’t be as difficult as if it was tufted, but it’s still going to cost you.  The finished product could be just gorgeous enough to convince me though (if I need another sofa!). Are you as in love with that green and gold as I am?!?!

PicMonkey Collage4{1,2}

What are your thoughts?  Would you buy any of these?  What’s your best ever Craigslist score?

Three Men and a Piano

When my dad told me that our church (that’s undergoing a massive renovation itself) was trying to get rid of a piano, my first thought was “we’ll take it.”  My second thought was “we have to learn to play the piano.”  Neither of us play, and we certainly don’t need it, but it’s a piano from the church I grew up in since I was a baby.  Charles and I got married there.  So I thought, even though it seems a little silly to some people, that it would be a priceless addition to our house.


The only question left was…how do we get it here?

My parents drove up on Saturday morning, and we had planned to have a few of the workers on the house come help us move it.  We figured with 6 men, they could  probably get the job done in no time.  Well as luck would have it, they never showed and we were stuck with a 900 pound piano and a very large desk sitting on my dad’s trailer.  The boys stood around for a while, hoping the cavalry would arrive, but after some time, they just decided they could handle it.

With a little rolling dolly and A LOT of manpower, these three got the piano into the house.  I still don’t know how it happened!  You may not want to see all the pictures of the process, but I’m going to show them anyway.  These guys deserve a full post! :)

First, they pulled it off of the trailer onto the porch step.


Then they climbed the three steps to get up to the porch.


Then they took a well-earned breather while I snapped a few shots of the piano.


Then it was back to work to get it over the threshold and into the house.IMG_1081

Look at those legs! The old man’s still got it! ;)



And it’s in!  If only we could leave it right there…



Finally, both pieces ended up in the formal living room, which is basically finished.


A gigantic THANK YOU to my dad, Charles, and John for getting these pieces inside.  Seriously.  Y’all are amazing.

The desk will be heading up to the office once it’s finished.  Now we just need to decide on a place for the piano.  It is definitely staying on the first floor!! So that leaves us with the foyer, formal living room, den, and dining room to choose from.

What do you think?  Where would you put it?

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