The Sunday Currently, #17

Happy Sunday lovelies!  After a week of snow and rain, it’s finally a gorgeous day outside.  I’m heading over to the house to continue to do some unpacking.  Fingers crossed for a productive day!


Reading– This post over at La Dolce Vita.  I love each of these rooms, and the way that they are each broken down.


Thinking– About this little quiz I took the other day.  I was quite surprised at my results…I’m an accountant, but apparently I should have been a designer.  And here I have been using the left side of my brain all these years! Take the quiz and tell me: What career should you actually have?

Smelling– The blueberry muffins I made for breakfast.  YUM!

Wishing– My big brother a fantastic birthday on Tuesday!! Last one before 30! ;)




Wearing– Jeans and a tee shirt.

Loving– How great our shower/tub combo in the guest bathroom turned out.  Even better than I imagined!

Wanting– To debut my new, redesigned blog.  I’m so excited and I can’t wait to show you!!

Needing– Courtney Giles to come style my home!  I’ve recently discovered the Atlanta interior designer and I have to admit, I have a girl crush.  Her portfolio is amazing!

CG2{via} courtney giles{via}

Feeling– Relieved.  We spent our first night in the house on Friday and it went great!  We won’t be totally moving in for a couple more weeks, but we will spend a few nights here and there at the house.  After just one night, we’ve already learned some things that we need to change…things that you can only know after living in the house.

Clicking– This list of 10 home decor items you need before you turn 30.  I have 7 out of 10.  Can you guess which ones I’m missing?

Head over to Lauren’s blog to see what she and other bloggers are up to this Sunday.  Have a wonderful week!! :)


The Sunday Currently, #16

I hope you’ve had a super week!  I was out of work 3 days due to the snow, which was actually pretty nice.  It allowed me to get caught up on many things I had been putting off.  We got about 4-5 inches, which in eastern NC is A LOT!!


Luckily we’re out of the single digits and back up in the 50’s this weekend (crazy NC weather!), so we were able to work at the house all day yesterday.  The troops (aka family) arrived in the morning and we hit the ground running trying to check things off the list, like painting rooms, painting kitchen cabinets, installing cabinet doors, installing switch plates, etc.  If you follow me on Instagram, you can see we made a pretty big dent!  You can expect lots of pictures and updates on the blog this week! :)


Reading– This hilarious explanation of how much snow it takes to close school in different part of the US.  Yep, we are definitely in that “any snow” category!


Writing– My Lowe’s list.  No week would be complete without at least three trips.

Thinking– How sweet y’all are for all of your kind comments after the award on Thursday.  I’m so honored and blessed to have such thoughtful followers!

Smelling– Lots of paint!  Maybe we should open a window…

Wishing– There were more days in the weekend.  Seems like they get shorter and shorter lately.

Hoping– The Seahawks win the Superbowl!  Sorry Peyton lovers, I gotta go with my boy Russell on this one.  Also, say what you will, but I love Richard Sherman!

richard-sherman-russell-wilson.jpg w=800&h=511{via}

Wearing– Gym clothes, which have unfortunately become my paint clothes.  At least I get a good arm workout!  That counts, right?

Loving– This upscale mobile home.  I wouldn’t mind living there!


Wanting– One of these fashion-forward helmets.  Sure I would never ever ever ever have a time or place to wear it, but why not?!

Needing– Ideas for a temporary shower.  Due to budget constraints, we might not get to do our tile and glass shower in the master bathroom just yet.  But I refuse to put one of these cheap looking things in there!  The space is about 4′ x 4′ and is a blank slate.  Ideas anyone?

Feeling– Excited about my upcoming “blogiversary” this week.  Hard to believe it’s been a year since I started blogging.  So much has happened in that year!  More on that on Wednesday.

Clicking– These 37 life lessons.  These are some of the best I’ve seen.


You can catch up with other bloggers in The Sunday Currently link party on Lauren’s blog.  Enjoy your afternoon and the Superbowl, and I’ll be back tomorrow with some exciting paint updates!

The Sunday Currently, #15

Happy Sunday Funday!  I sure enjoyed a 4 day week with a little snow thrown in last week.  I know I’m a freak…I love the cold.

I stayed with my brother and almost sis-in-law last night at their new place.  They just got some chickens yesterday, which has been a lot of fun for the three of us.  There are 3 chickens, so we each picked a name.  I picked Louise, Liz picked Greta, and Jason named his (female) chicken Carl.  Seems normal enough.  We also got an egg this morning…it was yummy.



Thinking– How much I’m liking my navy nails! After dress shopping, we went for mani’s yesterday and I decided to go with the navy theme we’re using in the office.  I usually stick to nude or gray, but I’m liking this new color!

Smelling– Deliciousness at the local co-op market this morning.

Wishing– That The Walking Dead would come back to Sundays already.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying this little story.  It’s about warding off vampires, but I think it would work well for zombies too.

Hoping– My rebranding goes well.  After the positive response from last week’s Currently, I’ve decided to go forward with the redesign.  I’ve partnered with a very talented designer, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!!

Wearing– My new Tory Burch boots!  I got them in November, and the swelling in my ankle has finally gone down enough to wear them! :)

Loving– All the wedding planning I’ve been getting to do lately! I was so delighted when my future sis asked me to be her matron of honor, and the planning has been so fun.  Yesterday Liz, my mom, and I went wedding dress shopping, and today we are headed to the bridal show at The Carolina Inn.  (I actually went to this show two years ago and won my wedding stationary! Fingers crossed for another lucky day!)

Wanting– Some hubby time.  I’ve been gone since Friday night and I am missing that guy!

Feeling– Full!  My bro is a pretty incredible chef, and between dinner last night and breakfast this morning, I’m stuffed!

Clicking– This crafter’s checklist. Are you fully stocked?  I might need to make a run to Michael’s soon!! ;)

34 Must Haves for Your Craft Supply Arsenal | Rappsody in Rooms for

Be sure to click over to Lauren’s blog to check out what other bloggers are up to this week.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have an excellent week!

The Sunday Currently, #14

Oops! I got so busy on Sunday with everything going on at the house that I forgot to do my Sunday Currently.  So here it is…the Sunday Wednesday Currently! :)


Stick around for house updates later this week!


Reading– Our to do list for the house.  We spent about 3 hours going over every little detail with our contractor on Monday and figuring out what exactly has to happen for us to be in the house by February 6.

Writing– A list of all our paint colors so I can keep them straight.  Now I know why people love ideas like this


Thinking– About some pretty exciting changes happening at The Remedy House.  More info coming soon!

Wishing– That the Seahawks would win the Superbowl.  I’ll admit, I’m totally a bandwagon fan, but I’m a huge Russell Wilson fan because he played at NC State, so that makes it not so bandwagony, right?  And how can you not love Russell Wilson, especially when you look at this. #teamrussell

Hoping– To switch my blog over to soon!  I think I’m ready to take the next step as a blogger and start managing and customizing my pages.  What do you think?

Loving– Our mail station.  It’s kind of amazing how much easier it’s made our lives, and it’s encouraged us to keep the house neat and organized as well!

Wanting– To find 2 really great dining chairs.  We have a table (with multiple leafs) and 6 chairs, but in a room the size of our dining room, I’d like to have 8.  So I’m thinking of adding 2 big chairs to each end, and keeping the 6 that we already have.


Needing– To learn more about self-hosting.  I’m planning to read this, this, and this to help get me started.

Feeling– Grateful to our parents for so much help this weekend!!

Clicking– These helpful tips for shopping on Craigslist.

Hop on over to Lauren’s blog to see what she and other bloggers were up to this weekend.  Happy Hump Day everyone!

The Sunday Currently, #13

What a wonderful weekend it’s been with nothing that I have to do!  We met with our contractor on Saturday morning and told him our official have-to-be-in date: FEBRUARY 6!!!  That’s the date that our homeowner’s insurance has to start, and we have to prove that we live there.  To our (very pleasant) surprise, he said no problem.  The master bathroom won’t be finished, but since it has it’s own separate entrance from the porch, we’ll be able to close it off until it’s complete.  I guess that just means that we’ll get to test out our guest bathrooms first!


ReadingThis article about things women shouldn’t have to justify.

Writing– The Sunday usual…my grocery list.

Thinking– That my blood pressure has come down in the last week!  To be honest, I was about at my wit’s end after weeks (and sometimes months) of people not showing up at the house when they said they would and the countless reasons excuses we were given.  But I’m happy to say that a lot was accomplished in the last week, and it looks like that will be the new trend going forward.  Looks like I’ll have to save my knuckle sandwich for later.  ;)

knuckle because-if-you-dont-ill-give-you-a-knuckle-sandwich{via}

Smelling– Leftovers that we’re reheating for lunch.  I made these chicken tacos on Friday, and they were pretty delicious if I do say so myself!

Wishing– The Panthers would win today!  But then who will I pull for…Panthers or Seahawks Russell Wilson?!

Hoping– To get better about meal planning this week.  Now that we aren’t eating out several days a week, I’ve been trying to cook more.  But I’d like to get better about planning ahead so that I’m not scrambling in the mornings to fix lunch or feeling too unmotivated in the evenings to come up with something.  Do you have any meal planning tips for me?

Wearing– Black.  Unfortunately we’re heading to a funeral for a dear friend’s sweet grandfather this afternoon.

Loving– This app.  I downloaded it after Christmas and have been using it every time I get an unwanted catalog or advertisement.  You just snap a picture, and the app takes your name off the mailing list for you.  So no more junk mail, and no more waste!  This app, along with my new habit of automatically unsubscribing from all junk emails, is helping me stay organized and stick to my no-more-mindless-spending resolution.

Wanting– This gorgeous bench from Target’s Threshold line.  Only $99!  Wouldn’t it look perfect at the foot of the bed?

14698107_201310231539Needing– This dinnerware.  No seriously.  I need it.

Clicking– This Old House’s list of the 100 best new home products in 2013.  What products could you not live without in your home?

Click on over to Lauren’s blog to see what she and other bloggers are up to, and stick around this week for lots of exciting updates!  Have a super week!!

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