A Holly Jolly Christmas


I hope you are spending time with loved ones instead of reading this, but just in case…I hope each of you has a truly blessed Christmas, surrounded by the people and things you love!  Merry Christmas!! :)

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Quotable Friday


I’ll be taking the next week off to spend some quality time with my family.  I hope each of you has a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of joy and love! xo

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Christmas Traditions

Charles and I lucked out when we got married because each of our family traditions seem to fit well together.  It means a completely slammed two days, but we love it!


My family does most of our celebrating on Christmas Eve.  Here’s our usual plans:

9:00 am: Charles and I have started a new tradition of grabbing breakfast at the local diner with a couple of friends.  Inevitably, we run into my parents there.  It’s a small town.

11:00 am: Time for the family to split up.  A few of us will take gifts (usually something my mom has baked) to our family friends around town.  The rest of us will stay put at the house to catch the other families that are undoubtedly doing the same thing!

3:00 pm: My family is always the last to ring the Salvation Army bell in front of the one nice grocery store each year.  We love this tradition, especially because we always see everyone we know in just a couple hours! It always amazes me how many people end up at the grocery store on the afternoon of Christmas Eve!


5:30 pm: As long as I can remember, my family has always gone to the Christmas Eve service at our church.  This is my most favorite service the whole year.  We are southern Baptists, which means we like to have our communion passed out to us (ha!), but I love that we all get up and take communion from the preacher on Christmas Eve.  It takes forever, but it’s always very special.  At the end of the service, my dad usually grabs a guitar, and the congregation lights candles and heads outside to sing Silent Night.  It’s always cold, but I love it!

8:00 pm: Until I was about 18, it was tradition for my family to have vegetable soup and grilled cheese after the service.  Then a friend gave my parents gourmet steaks as a gift, so we tried that instead, and there’s been no turning back!  I’d say it was a considerable step up…not to mention I hate vegetable soup, so it was always plain old grilled cheese for me.

9:30 pm: Time for presents!  People are always shocked to hear that my brother and I always got to open all of our presents on Christmas Eve, but it always worked out great.  We would open presents from the family on Christmas Eve, and then we could fully appreciate all that Santa brought on Christmas morning.  Every year, my mom tries to convince us that we should wait until Christmas morning, and every year she loses.  The “kids” (there’s 4 of us now, and I’m the youngest at 26) open all of our non-Santa (yes, we are still spoiled) presents at night, and my parents open the gifts from the kids.  They save their presents to each other for the morning.


On Christmas Day, it’s the Gaylor’s turn!

11:00 am: Charles and I will head back to Goldsboro on Christmas morning in time to have brunch at his parents’ house.

1:oo pm: Now that we are completely full, we’ll open presents to keep from taking a nap!  Where my family takes turns opening presents on Christmas Eve, it’s a free for all in the Gaylor house.  I love that we get to have both!! It reminds me of growing up…my mom’s side always tore right in, and my dad’s side still takes turns (even though there’s 11 of us now).

6:oo pm: After a little afternoon snooze, it’s time for cocktails!  Some great family friends come over, and we enjoy cocktails, a delicious roast that Charles’ dad makes every year, and some time around the old vintage jukebox.

9:00 pm: When dinner is over, we’ll all head into the den to watch a classic movie.  For years, it was The Paper Chase, but last year we opted for Clue.  Not everyone makes it through the movie though…there is usually a snoozer or two.

Christmas is my favorite time of year by far.  My grandmother, Charlotte, always had a huge Christmas, and my family says that the “Charlotte in me” comes out this time of year.

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What is your holiday tradition?  What’s your favorite part about Christmas?

Catching Up

Sorry I’ve been MIA…I’ve been a little under the weather the last couple of days.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some updates on the house.  In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite links at the moment (and my favorite quote from my favorite Christmas movie!).


Whether you’re actually interested in taking on an old house, or just browsing, it’s always fun to look at these historic homes for sale across the country.  A quick search around NC led me to a few favorites, which you can see here, here, and here.


I love changing up my desktop wallpaper from time to time.  Visit this round up for some great holiday wallpapers for your computer, phone, ipad, etc.  (PS- I have this as my lock screen on my phone and this as my background. So festive!)

I was a winner of the 11th day in the “12 days of Damsel” on Damsel in Dior!  I was so excited–I never win anything! I can’t wait for my Origins make up kit to arrive!


It seems like there are 8 gazillion gift guides out there, and to be honest, I find them pretty redundant.  It’s rare that someone comes up with a guide I haven’t seen on 187 other blogs.  But there are a few.  My favorite overall is the annual To & From Gift Guide.  You can literally find something for everyone on your list. I’ve also enjoyed browsing this one, this one, and these this year.

This before and after is pretty incredible.  The Ikea hacks are endless!

This weekend I stumbled upon a new Food Network show, Sandwich King.  I have to say, I’m not a huge fan. But he did turn me on to one new thing: sausage bread!! I think I’ll be making this for Christmas morning. Yum!!!  Also, I’d love to try a few of these holiday cocktails.


I got this faux fur “scarf” at the J. Crew outlet on Black Friday and have been loving it.  I got it in brown, but they also have black, and they’re on sale!!

I’m going pretty neutral with my Christmas wrapping this year.  I love all the kraft paper ideas I’ve been seeing, so I ordered a roll of brown kraft paper and black and white stripe grosgrain ribbon.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram to get a few sneak peeks!


Christmas is only 15 days away! Still looking for some decorating inspiration? Visit my holiday board!

Don’t forget that The Remedy House is having an ongoing Stella & Dot trunk show until next Monday, December 16.  Shipment before Christmas is guaranteed on all orders prior to December 18.  What’s even better? For every $50 you spend in December, you get $25 to spend in January.  So you can get a present for someone special, and yourself!

A Hole-Free Christmas

If you have plaster walls like we do, you know that they don’t always love screws and nails.  A tiny hole in plaster can eventually turn into this if you’re not careful!


As someone who LOOOOVES Christmas (and tends to go overboard during the season), this could pose a very big problem.  I mean, we have eight (yes, EIGHT!) mantels to decorate!  So naturally I was excited to find this post on how to hang garland, wreaths, and other decorations without using nails.  Lots of great tips!


Here are a few other sources that might be helpful if you find yourself in the same pickle:

This doorway garland could come in handy.

Hanging lights on a wall without nails.

More tips for decorating without leaving marks.

A few nail-free decorating tools.

Do you have any special ways of decorating? How do you keep your walls from getting lots of holes and marks?

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