Stealing My Thunder

Now that I have sufficiently “cooled off” on the subject, I’d like to tell you a little story about, as Nanny would say, hateful people.

Last Friday, I was happy to be off work early and heading to Greensboro to see my husband (who I hadn’t seen in a few days) and celebrate his graduation.  It was a beautiful day, all of the traffic was going in the opposite direction, and I had chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes in tow.  Needless to say, it was a good day.  Unfortunately, the excitement ended quite abruptly when I got to our apartment and learned that our Park Avenue house had been robbed….again.

The first time, our basement was broken into (doors and windows broken) and our copper pipes were stolen.  The basement flooded and our sump pump was destroyed.  Luckily, the bank still owned the house at this point, so besides the hassle of having to arrange with the plumber, we were in the clear.  And the first thing we did after closing on the house was install an alarm system.

This time, we owned the house.  Our house, our problem.  Charles got a call late Friday afternoon from our neighbor (a retired NC judge)…he had heard something going on over at the house and walked over to discover a man removing the copper piping that runs from the HVAC units into the house.  When Judge questioned the man, he made up a very shady story about doing some work for his uncle, who was a subcontractor on the project.  Not at all believing this, Judge went back to his house to call the police and the thief hit the road with his new-found copper.  A police report was filed, exterior motion lights were installed, but the damage was done.  Our contractor estimates it will be about $3,000 to replace the copper.  The worst part is that our HVAC units were working prior to the event (not in great condition, but band-aid-able).  Now we are almost guaranteed to have to replace both units.  My dreams of one updated bathroom in the house are slowly slipping away…


A good friend and HVAC specialist came by the house to assess the damage yesterday and is preparing a report for us.  We will have to look at the numbers to see if it’s even worth it to file an insurance claim.  [If you are not in the mood for an insurance rant, stop reading here.]

So this is absurd to me….we bought a very expensive 3-month builders risk policy.  Unfortunately we could not get a homeowner’s policy because we will not be living in the house for the next 3 months.  So on top of paying a premium for insurance, we will have to pay the deductible to file the claim.  Then, when we go to secure a homeowner’s policy in a few months, our rate will likely be increased because we filed a claim.  Let me get this straight–we did the responsible thing and insured the house and even set up an alarm system.  Through no fault of our own, we were robbed, and now because we have insurance, we have to pay more?  Am I missing something?  As a first-time homeowner, I’ve never dealt with home insurance before. How is this ok?  How do people just accept that this is the way it is?  I know my sad little story isn’t going to change anything, and I know the person who stole the copper could not care less, but this experience has certainly opened my eyes to the total racket that is home insurance.

Ok, enough complaining/venting/ranting.  It’s FRIDAY!  We are hitting the road for a weekend of wedding festivities for some of our best friends.  We are so excited for them and can’t wait to celebrate!

Although this “incident” was a blow (probably to our spirits more than anything), we have so  much to be excited about and thankful for.  Lots of major progress going on at the house.  You’d be amazed at how much has already been done!  More updates and lots of pictures coming soon…


Graduations and Gardening

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!  Between graduation festivities, packing, and moving, ours was pretty hectic.  Charles graduated on Saturday and luckily his family and my family could all be there.  We had lunch with friends, and then watched Charles get “hooded” Saturday evening.  I’m so proud of him for all he has accomplished!







And yes, there was even an ice sculpture…


Back at the house, there was lots of progress too.  Check out a few of the before and after shots (well, really middle shots) of the landscaping!










Also, the 1970s floral wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom is gone.



Unlike last week, the weatherman is calling for bright and sunny skies all week.  I’m hoping that means a lot of work will get done!  We have the electrician and plumber coming this week, hopefully with good news!!  I hope you enjoy your short week! :)


I stopped over at the house on my way home from work yesterday and didn’t even recognize it!  It is AMAZING what a little tree trimming can do!!


No more overgrown bushes taking over the front of the house.  No more scraping your car on tree limbs when pulling into the driveway.  No more “hidden gem” from the street view.  Old girl is now shining in all of her glory!!  As our contractor and neighbor both put it, it looks like someone loves her now.




Don’t get me wrong.  There’s still plenty of work to be done.  But we are definitely seeing progress on a daily basis, and that makes this girl happy!  Speaking of progress…the porches are officially “jacked up” and even safe to walk on.  What a major change from 2 days ago!




(Sorry for the graininess in that last one.  Our contractor assures me that the upper porch is safe to walk on, but I’m just going to take his word for it and take pictures from behind the screen door for now!)

I got a call from our contractor yesterday afternoon and he told me that I would want to go by the house and check out the wall next to the fireplace in the dining room.  He said that there was a “surprise gem” waiting for me.  When I went over, this is what I found:

IMG_3092The painter and wallpaperer (I looked it up, it’s a real word!) signed and dated the wall before finishing it in June of 1954.  How cool is that!?  I can’t wait to see what other treasures we find during this process!!

Oh, and yayyyyyy for no more wallpaper in the dining room!  It’s almost unrecognizable.


I am leaving straight from work tomorrow to head to Greensboro to celebrate Charles graduating from law school (SOOOO proud of him, by the way!), so it will be a few days before I get another look at the house.  I can’t wait to see the progress!

Let the Fun Begin

It’s official…our house is now under construction!  Yipeeeeee!!24163650









But seriously.


Charles and I went over to the house yesterday to check up on the progress.  Here are the beautiful sights we walked into…





You may think that you sense sarcasm there, but you’d be WRONG!  I never thought I’d be so happy to see raunchy carpet strips, beat up walls, scaffolds, and construction lights in my house!!!!  Today is our “plaster guy’s” third day in the house.  He has been slaving away scraping the walls and finding the (many, unfortunately) cracks in the plaster.  But it’s got to get worse before it gets better, right?  He’s planning on at least a couple of weeks just to get the prep and plaster finished, then we will have to wait about 30 days before we can even think about primer, much less paint.

This rain has made me very nervous about our back porches falling off, so I was extremely relieved to see these bad boys in the kitchen last night:



I’ve already gotten the report this afternoon that the back porches have been securely “jacked” and the workers have started the process of sorting the wood into usable and non-usable piles.  My sigh of relief can probably be heard for miles and miles.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we are now armed and dangerous.  Well, really just armed.  We had our alarm system hooked up over the weekend, so don’t be getting any ideas!



Happy Hump Day, people!



Homeowners at Last!

So sorry for the delay in posting about our weekend!!  It was crazy busy, as you can imagine, and I haven’t had internet access at the house.  Here’s the scoop…

Friday:  Charles and I got up early and headed to Goldsboro to do our final walk through at 11 am.  Everything was fine, except the porches which have begun to droop even more (which was expected).  The basement door and windows had been repaired from the break in, and our fence had been mended.  After lunch, another stop by the house, and a few hours of painful waiting, we headed over to our lawyer’s office a little before 3 pm.  Although there were a few bumps in the road, the result was us closing on our new home!!!!  We immediately headed over to Park Avenue, where Charles’ parents’ surprised us with champagne, and lots of pictures!  Our next door neighbors, who also happen to be good family friends, came over to help us celebrate.

champ 1

champ 2

After celebrating, we headed over to Charles’ grandfather’s house (where we will be living until the house is ready) and unloaded a few things.  Then it was back to Greensboro to prepare for another full day!

Saturday:  We got up early, picked up the U-haul, loaded it (many many many thanks to my wonderful brother for his help!!!), and were back on the road by 11 am.  We met our cousins, Michael and Mary, and began the unloading process (many many many thanks to yall too!!).  Then it was showers, dinner, and drinks with some new friends.



We are completely ecstatic that the house is FINALLY ours!!  We weren’t sure we would ever get here!  We are next on the list for the painters, plaster guys, and carpenters, so work should be starting soon!  Many more posts and pictures to come.


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